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Security Policy

SYSTEM IN FRONTIER Inc. utilizes various information assets, including corporate and personal information, for the conduct of its operations in the systems development, consulting, hardware development and other businesses.
In order to provide ever better services to customers and maintain trusting relationships, it is imperative that appropriate security measures be taken to prevent the loss, theft or unauthorized use of information assets. In order to help forge strong relationships of trust with customers, SYSTEM IN FRONTIER has established the Basic Policy on Information Security to serve as guidelines for implementing proper security measures related to the management of information assets.
Implementation items
1. SYSTEM IN FRONTIER shall ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information assets it handles.
2. A structure shall be put in place to operate information security systems that are required to manage and maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.And we must want to clarify the responsibility and authority.
3. SYSTEM IN FRONTIER shall ensure thorough compliance with the terms of all agreements it has entered into, as well as with all relevant laws and regulations.
4. SYSTEM IN FRONTIER shall determine the criteria for evaluating potential risks and establish structures related to risk assessment.
5. Adequate measures shall be implemented to rectify potential breaches in information security identified through risk assessment.
6. Regular training and education in information security shall be conducted for all SYSTEM IN FRONTIER employees.
7. SYSTEM IN FRONTIER shall, in the event of a violation, breach or other information security-related incident, take prompt action to handle and resolve the issue.
Roles, responsibilities and disciplinary action
In accordance with pre-determined procedures for ensuring ongoing implementation of this Basic Policy on Information Security, SYSTEM IN FRONTIER shall be responsible for disclosing information related to flaws, breaches or other information security-related incidents. Any person found guilty of action that could jeopardize the security of customer information or any other information asset owned by SYSTEM IN FRONTIER, shall face disciplinary action based on the company’s rules of employment and relevant laws and regulations.
Periodic revisions
SYSTEM IN FRONTIER shall make periodic revisions to the Information Security Management System to ensure ongoing improvements to the system.

Implemented: May 1, 2014
Tetsu Hinomoto